Feb 19th, 2011 – Second Darkness: campaign is already underway. My character is getting ready to join the party. Not sure yet how the DM is gonna deal me in. Maybe he works at the Golden Goblin Gambling Den, or he frequents there to make money, or lives upstairs… Either way, I’m in like sin.

Feb 20th, 2011 – Adventure went well. The DM looked at my background and came up with his own backstory of how I ended in the same spot the other future companions were. It worked out great and seemed to fit the story well, but left me with some decisions and a lot of questions. And finding out my rogue is a much bigger part of the fate of the world, yet again. Seems like I make a good edition to the party.

Feb 18th, 2014 – Been a while since this adventure completed. I love the Pathfinder Ruleset and am using it in my own campaign. I will try to finish these pages up and get to work fleshing out my pages on my own campaign (Old Beginnings) which has already started.

Second Darkness

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