Second Darkness

Escape! Common goals. Thorn's decision.
"What did I get myself into now?"

5 days earlier – So, decided to make some cash in my hometown Riddleport. Got a job offer through a local Thieves’ guild from Clegg Zincher. Rumor has it that he has become a very corrupt crimelord among other things. I thought maybe taking this job with him might give me some insight on how bad stuff was. If I see anything I don’t like, might just have to take him out. Keep the balance ya know. A group of men made up of mostly thugs and prospectors set sail with us on Clegg’s ship The Dark Pearl to an isle called the Devil’s Elbow. We made camp near the ship when we arrived on the isle. The mission was mostly scouting out the isle and finding a strange creature called an Akata and to look for Skymetal. At the time, didn’t know anything about these two things I was looking for. I really didn’t care. All I cared about was getting payed for the job and maybe finding some treasure along the way. And to keep an eye on Clegg.

few hours earlier – We searched the island for about 5 days. We had split up into three groups. The first group was led by Acron and he took 10 men with him. He is a hired mercenary that Clegg recruited for the mission. Clegg stayed back with some of his men at camp which made up another group. There were ten in the party I was leading not including me which made up the third group. Found a crater with a horde of creatures crawling in it. They looked like blue squids with legs and tentacles. These must be the Akatas we have been looking for. They looked vicious and they ended up surrounding and attacking us. There were too many for us to fight and some of the men that were with me didn’t know how to fight, especially the prospectors. I took out more than a few, but we were simply outnumbered and my party was going down quick. There was only one choice I could make, and that was to run. I yelled it, but it was too late… I was the last one standing. There was an opening and I took it. I headed for the forested area and thought that would be the best place to lose them. I ran through the forest for a long time, and when I thought they weren’t following anymore I took a rest. I was lost and alone, I kept heading in the same direction. I finally came out of the forest and saw a landmark; a tall stone tower in the center of the island. I headed towards it and saw a strange sight…

present – The tall stone tower snapped at the base with a huge cracking sound and started falling into the ocean. Some people fell out of the tower; most of them looked like wizards. But there were a few that didn’t. There was a halfling woman, a human that was dressed like a monk, and a half-orc that had a big barrel strapped to its back. There were also akatas that fell out of the tower and they seemed to die in the salt water. So they have a weakness! After the tower hit the water and was in the ocean, it was rolling around and more akatas were coming out onto it. The other people hit the water, except the monk which seemed to be levitating above it, and it looked like the halfing was holding onto a rope he had. The half-orc was bobbing up and down like a huge ugly apple; the barrel must of been keeping him afloat, probably a good thing because he was wearing full plate armor. I walked up to the edge of the water and put my hands on my hips and thought to myself that this wasn’t the strangest thing I have ever seen. They noticed me standing there. They were making their way towards shore, but the akatas were still crawling all over the tower. I took out my bow and took aim at the akatas and started releasing some arrows in their direction and knocked some off. I wanted to make sure they didn’t jump onto the people that were trying to swim to shore. But it looked like the akatas were dying anyway from the salt water. I was a handful of yards away from the people when they made it to shore. I started towards them.

“You’re welcome,” I said.

“For what?” the monk asked.

“We had it perfectly under control!” the half-orc said confidently.

“Who are you?” the halfing chimed in.

I introduced myself as Thorn. The halfling’s name was Elean. She claimed to be an oracle and was blind. I asked her if she might read my fortune sometime. She said that it would cost me. The monk’s name was Suri’el Māgia. I guess he knew sorcery too. He seemed pretty agile and looked like he could take on anything. The half-orc was actually a half-orc and half-elf both. Weird. His name was Ausk and claimed he was a paladin, but he sure didn’t act like one. I asked him why he had a barrel tied onto his back and I couldn’t help but to laugh. He carried a variety of weapons, including a big warhammer-like looking weapon. It looked like he could do some damage with that thing. I wouldn’t want to be on the business end of it. They sended Dumas on ahead with the other wizards that they saved from the tower. We made camp and traded stories. They told their tale of how they came to the island and that they were looking for Skymetal. They also told me that they owned The Golden Goblin Gambling Den after taking out the previous owner and killing a Drow that lived in the tunnels underneath. They also mentioned that a ranger named Kwava sent them to this island because there were more Drow rumored to be on it. I asked them if they were looking for help running the Gambling Den. I told them that I can help run the security there and make traps and such if needed. The others said they are in search of more help and said that would be alright. I told them about the Akatas that attacked and killed my party and that I was looking for Skymetal also. It seems they had already found a chunk of it. They were wondering who sent me here to this island. They asked me if it was Clegg Zincher. Since I just met them and didn’t think it was a good idea to tell them the truth, I lied and told them I didn’t know who sent me because I never met him. They mentioned that they have had run-ins with him and it seemed that he was always hindering what they were doing working against them. I could tell they knew I was lying, but they let it go for now. I asked them if they wanted to join up together in search of more Skymetal. Suri’el asked what I could do. I told them I was good at getting around traps, picking locks and good with a blade. Suri’el said that would be useful since they just sent the other rogue away, and hoped that I fared better at getting around traps than he did. Ausk said that they could always use another blade. Elean agreed. I decided to join their party to look for more Skymetal and anything else they needed help with. Maybe they can help me out too, they just don’t know it yet.


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